I ching readings

For years I have supported people during a crossroad in their lives. It has brought me great joy to dive into the I Ching and help someone going through a challenging time and receive clarity. We all know, not all questions can be answered by the mind alone. There are times we need divine intervention and guidance.

I’ll never forget when my friend Jeff called me while hiking up a mountain in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He and his friend, Carl were not sure they would make it up the mountain and back before it got dark. So, they called me to confer with the Ching. I don’t remember the exact hexagram that came up, but it was clear from the I Chings answer, they had to leave right away in order to make it back before the sun went down.

They took the I Chings advice and made it back minutes before it got dark.

Another time, Suzanne, an executive at a Fortune 500 company found herself in a horrendous situation at work. She was totally stressed and about to quit her job. She called me and we consulted the I Ching. It was very clear that she should not quit, but rather resolve the situation in a way she had never thought possible. Well, she too took the I Chings advice, and not only resolved the conflict, she received a raise. And, she is still at her job.

I suppose that’s why I love the I Ching after all these years. It has never failed to bring insight to a situation, a concern or a conflict. No matter how complex or simple the question is.

So, for a few months, I thought I would offer this service. If you would like an I Ching Reading, send me an e-mail at: andrea@pushingUpward.com and we will schedule your reading.

The Fee is: $150.00

Until then . . . think about your question,

To Schedule and I ching reading Contact info@pushingupword.com