I Ching

The I Ching or the Yi Jing, is the oldest classical divination system known to man. First written in approximately 1000 B.C., the I Ching is regarded as the foundation text of Chinese wisdom and philosophy. It has also been instrumental to scholars, sages and kings for centuries, as it helped them in making important decisions.

Fu Hsi, the mythical first Emperor of China (2852-2737 B.C) is reputed to be the discoverer of the initial trigrams. He actually found these lines on the back of a turtle (depicted above). Understanding that true wisdom could be found in nature (sky, earth, thunder, wind, water, air, fire, mountain, and lake) and their ebb and flow relevance in our lives, he began to observe these turtles emerging from the yellow river. The trigram shown on the turtle shell became known as the connection of all things through the interplay of YIN and YANG –– and that the creative consists of both these elements. This symbology has since become the central idea and inspiration for Chinese civilization.