Pushing Upward is not a Bra. It’s a State of Mind.

Pushing Upward is not a bra! It’s a state of mind: In the book, Pushing Upward, 21-year-old, Sandra Billings tries desperately to live a life that has meaning, and at the same time, keep her balance and her sense of humor.

But . . . as we know, like Sandra, we are not always capable of achieving this feat. You know what it’s like! You’re on a steady course, everything is going smoothly and then, WHAM, you walk right smack into a conundrum, and you’re down for the count.

We try to live consciously, we try to make the best decisions, but we don’t always get them right. We slip up, we fall down, and then we have to pick ourselves up again. We bitch about what happens to us, especially when we jump into things without thinking. But we keep probing our soul, questioning our intentions, exploring our parameters and our moral fiber.

Those of us who strive for this state of equanimity and balance – appear to others, at times, as wishy-washy. People think we are unable to make up our minds. However, in reality, what we are doing, is weighing the consequences between being totally spontaneous, and thinking things through; checking in, to see if the decision resonates with our own inner truth.

This state of mind, this Pushing Upward . . . is about living a spiritual life. We are constantly checking in to see if the actions we are creating are for our highest good. The bottom line is, we can’t pretend to be spiritual – we either have this sensibility about our life or we don’t. The serious players know, it’s not an easy path. It’s a tight wire one walks on . . . minute-by-minute, day-by-day, but in the long run, if one can commit to this state of existence, one can be saved from years of suffering.

What the hell! What else do we have to do?
In Pushing Upward, I introduce you to Sandra Billings, and how, in 1974, she too, strives to live a conscious life. Indeed, she carries a heavy load (demons from the past, a torrid love affair and her life as an actress), but she learns from her mentors how to move through the obstacles. Emma, an 80 year-old woman she’s moved in with, and the I Ching, the ancient Chinese oracle, help her to navigate her life . . . but . . . shit happens.

I invite you to experience Sandra’s journey and see how it mirrors your own.

With great respect and love,

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