Pushing Upward is not a Bra. It’s a State of Mind.

What I mean by this is . . .  Pushing Upward is about pushing toward a higher state of mind. Living a life that matters. One we are proud of. At the same time, we want to have fun, stay balanced and keep our sense of humor.

But, we’re not always capable of achieving these feats. You know what it’s like! You’re on a steady course, everything is going smoothly and then, WHAM, you walk right smack into a dilemma, and you feel stuck, paralyzed.

We try to make the best decisions, but we don’t always get them right. We slip up, fall down, and push ourselves to get up again. We bitch about what happens to us, especially when we jump into things without thinking. But, here’s the thing, part of the human challenge is to keep probing our soul, questioning our intentions, and self correcting ourselves as we move along.

Those of us who strive for this equanimity and balance – may appear to others as being wishy-washy. People think we’re unable to make up our minds – because we don’t make snap decisions. However, we are weighing the consequences, thinking things through; checking in . . .  to see if our decision resonates with our inner truth.

This state of mind, this act of Pushing Upward . . . is about living a spiritual life. We are constantly checking in to see if the actions we are creating will be for our highest good. We can’t pretend to be spiritual – we either have this sensibility about our life or we don’t.  It’s not easy. It’s a tight wire. minute-by-minute, day-by-day, (whether it eating the right food, eating too much, hanging out with the right people or deciding on the best job), if we can commit to taking our time, before succumbing to our knee-jerk reactions, we can be saved from years of suffering.                                                                                                                                                                                 What else do we have to do?

Sandra Billings strives to live a conscious life. She tries to make the right decisions, Indeed, she carries a heavy load (demons from the past, a torrid love affair and her life as an actress), but she learns from her mentors how to move through the obstacles. Emma, I Ching, and the repercussions from past experience, help her to navigate her life . . . and then again , , , shit happens.

Read how Sandra navigates her  journey and see how it mirrors your own.

With great respect and love,

A Review:

“A great book in my opinion is one that you keep thinking about once you put it down. Pushing Upward is that kind of book. You think about it because like it or not, you can relate to the protagonist (Sandra Billings), or you remember a time when you could. Whether it’s self-defeating behaviors, feeling unworthy or not good enough, feeling like an impostor, feeling defeated, paralyzed by self-doubt, being self-absorbed, out of balance, jealous over the success of others, disconnected from true-self, or pinning your well-being to something outside of yourself (a particular person, milestone, or event) etc., most of us have been there.

As I went through Sarah’s journey, I found myself wanting her to stop, get centered, breath, connect with her truth, and then engage from a place of . . . “Who I am is enough . . . it’s more than enough. I have a gift to share and I’m here to share it. I’ll do my part . . . and not worry about the rest.” And then I remembered . . . oh yeah . . . I should be telling that to myself!

This a great read, which lives up to the definition of “fiction” put forth by Albert Camus. “Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth.”

Kathy Forbes

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