Trivia Game

Test your 70’s memory…. GOOD LUCK!

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1. Who was the top selling album artist of the 1970’s according to Billboard?

2. The Sony Walkman was created in what year?

3. What sci-fi tv show of the 60’s became a Filmation cartoon in the 70’s?

4. Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford became household names after starring in what 1970’s blockbuster film?

5. Who was the first female Prime Minister? and What year?

6. What did Archie Bunker call his son-in-law?

7. The first MRI image was published in what year?

8. What was invented in 1975 and is now found on all our soft drink cans?

9. Name some of the women who led the feminist movement in the 70’s.

10. On Happy Days, what animal did Fonzie jump his motorcycle over?

11. Architects competed to build the tallest buildings in the world during the 1970’s. Name the two that were built in the US at that time.

12. The first face-lifts were attempted in what year?

13. Name the six different actresses who played an angel on ‘Charlie’s Angels’.

14. What was the highest selling album in 1973?

15. What was invented in 1974 by Arthur Fry of 3M, that allows us to temporarily attach notes to documents, walls, desks, etc.?

16. Name all six Brady kids and their approximate ages in the first season?

17. Name the two successful musical artists who died within eight weeks of each other in 1977?

18. What Children’s TV show of the 1970’s had a “Magic Mirror”?

19. What was the name of the maid on The Jeffersons?

20. What year did the Vietnam War come to a close?

21. What were Reed and Malloy’s names on ADAM-12?

22. On Emergency! what hospital did Johnny and Roy transport patients to?

23. Which 70’s vocal artist sang the song that VH1 lists as the greatest dance single of all times?

24. What were Laverne & Shirley’s last names?

25. Who was the President in 1974?

26. What popular magazine today was first published in March,1974?

27. Who wrote the 1977 TV mini-series Roots?

28. What bald actor coined the phrase ‘Who loves ya baby!’

29. What item from All In The Family went to the Smithsonian Institute?

30. What was the term novelist Tom Wolfe coin in New York magazine in 1976?

31. What year did Motorola transmit the first cell phone call?