Pushin Upword Workshop

Pushing Upward into Your Best Life

There are business courses and personal growth courses.
This workshop synthesizes both – 

There is an expression in the Hindu Tradition: “Bhukti and Mukti.” It means the wealth of the world and the wealth of liberation. When we experience both of these aspects simultaneously, we generate equanimity and cohesiveness in our lives. We become a living testament for our God given gifts, our service to the world and our personal fulfillment.
It’s no longer enough to wish you were doing something relevant with your life. It’s time to do what you were born to do. Live the dream your soul is here to experience.
If you want to:

Become aligned with your gifts and the multitude of ideas spinning around in your head; take your career to the next level; shift from one occupation to another; gain inner wisdom; develop your intuition and create the abundance you desire…

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If you are an actor, a filmmaker, an entrepreneur, a health care professional, a performer, a software developer, a realtor, a cultural creative (the occupation doesn’t matter) . . .

In this workshop . . .

We will Explore:

Aligning with your souls destiny; The three stages of creativity; Brain gymnastic drills; Mind-mapping; Improvisational theater games; Moving out of your comfort zone; Your biography is your biology; Define your mission; Identify your niche; The power of your story; Go deeper and wider (Network Science); Mind-map your strategy; Recruit sponsors; Develop strategic alliances; Social media; Blogs; Publishing options; Websites; The element of surprise; Meditation; Respond from abundance; Discipline; Courage.

About Andrea:

Andrea pioneered holistic/spiritual marketing in the 80’s. She has worked with entrepreneurs of all kinds, cultural creatives, actors, authors, therapists, Naturopathic Schools; Internet companies; software developers; holistic practitioners and artists . . . teaching

holistic and spiritual approaches to marketing their business. Her award-winning book,The Science of Spiritual Marketing: Initiation into Magnetismhas taken her around the world presenting her workshop:The Tao of Marketing.

She has lived in ashrams and meditation centers, studying meditation for 40 years.Now, with the publication of her award-winning novel, Pushing Upward, published by Hay House, and having moved through her own demons and successes, she is supporting the cultural creative to move into their “Full Throttle.”

This above workshop is also available for Actors.

Pushing Upward into Your Best Life for Actors

As an inspiring actor, you have to deal with many concerns at the same time. You have to earn a living, take classes, market yourself, find an agent if you don’t have one, create a strong business persona – even when you don’t feel it; be confident, refrain from self-sabotage, stay grounded, be positive (especially when there is no one rooting for you).
Pushing Upward into Your Best Life is for actors who have a strong desire to achieve greatness in their profession. It is for those who want to develop their intuitive powers, gain inner direction and outer abundance. Learn to develop a strong inner core – so you never fail – even if you don’t get the part you think you deserve.

Topics to be explored:
  • Confronting your fears
  • Shifting out of negative behavior
  • Moving out of the way of yourself
  • Accessing deeper insight into your blocks to obliterate obstacles
  • Intuitive methodologies
  • Future Visioning
  • The science of Improv
  • Nailing the audition process
  • How to study for a role
  • How to STOP dropping the subtext of your character
  • Marketing strategies
  • Mind-mapping your strategy
  • Building a platform
  • Developing strategic alliances
  • Social Media
  • Your website
  • The element of surprise
  • Meditation
  • Responding from Abundance
  • Discipline
  • Courage
To enquire about the workshop, email: info@pushingUpward.com