Pushing Upword Workshop

Pushing Upward into Your Best Life

There are business courses and personal growth courses. This workshop synthesizes both.


There is an expression in the Hindu Tradition: “Bhukti and Mukti.” It means the wealth of the world and the wealth of liberation. When we experience both these aspects simultaneously, we generate equanimity and cohesiveness in our lives. We become a living testament for our God given gifts, our service to the world and our personal fulfillment.

It’s no longer enough to wish you were doing something relevant with your life. It’s time to do what you were born to do. Live the dream your soul is here to experience. I truly believe this is our purpose for living.

This workshop was birthed from my novel, Pushing Upward. After years of trying to figure out my own path, clearly a serial entrepreneur . . .  I wanted to offer a course specifically for women dealing with the challenges they face in their lives and in the workplace. I have offered this course to women who recently left jail and it transformed their lives – giving them hope and a mandate for their future.

We are all in jail if we are not aligned with our BEST future, if we are not living a life of purpose and being in service to others.

If it’s time for you to align with your gifts and the multitude of ideas spinning around in your head. If it’s time to embrace a career that strengthens your talents and desires, connects you to your inner wisdom and develops your intuition so you no longer waiver – and have a direct course of action . . .

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Whether you are an actor, a filmmaker, an entrepreneur, a health care professional, a performer, a software developer, a realtor, a cultural creative (the occupation doesn’t matter) . . . If you are stepping into a new career or not sure what you want to do or achieve . . . This workshop may support you to take that crucial next step.

To enquire about Availablity and price, email: info@pushingUpward.com